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Pet sitting & Dog walking service Maastricht

Who are we?


Merel van der Mullen

My name is Merel Van der Mullen, 27 years old and living in Maastricht together with my partner Ward, 2 cats named Hunkie & Amy and my horse Marley. Personally, I have always liked having animals around me. My love for animals remained when I grew up and therefore I started at a vet-tech study, which I successfully completed. Afterwards I followed another higher education and university study human health, but this was not living up to my expectations. In 2014, I was able to start work as a vet tech and I encountered a cat behavioural expert. That made me decide that I wanted to broaden my knowledge about animals in terms of behaviour. After completing the 2-year study “BSc Applied Animal Behaviour” at University Centre Sparsholt in 2017, I received a specialization in dogs and cat behaviour.




Erica Karel – Ten Berge

My Name is Erica Karel ten Berge. I am 40 years old and live in Maastricht. I am married to Joel and I have 2 daughters.

I love dogs, and I grew up among the dogs. This varies from Bouviers to Dachshunds. For the past 13 years we have had a Boomer, Woof in our own family.

I used to want to become an animal caretaker, but so far it has never happened. But now I do: Walk with your dog and take care of him: I really like doing that!





Behavioural expert & pet sitting – dog walking service

In July 2016, Merel van der Mullen founded my behavioural expert practice in the area Maastricht, Heerlen, Sittard and the Belgium side of Limburg. Later in 2017 she expanded her practice with a pet sitting and dog walking service. You can find more information on:


What do we offer?

  • A free introduction meeting
  • Dog walking service
  • Cat (pet) sitting service
  • Dog day care service


Dog walking service

Whether you need us for a few times or on a regular basis, we can give your dog a nice walk. As a behavioural expert, Merel has a lot of experience with dogs that, for example, do not like other dogs or passing cyclists etc. This knowledge is kept up to date with webinars and seminar courses, which my colleague is also informed of. Does your dog find a stranger in the house very frightening? That is not a problem, because we know how we can make your dog feel as comfortable as possible!

An important point during every walk is sniffing around. This is very important for dogs and with us they are given ample time for this. We also always bring some treats to create extra sniffing work during a walk.


Individual walks

We stand for individual care, which means that we offer your dog(s) with what they need. We walk in your own environment so your dog is not taken into a busy van. Does your dog e.g. like fetching a ball? Then of course this toy goes along with our walk! By principle, we keep all dogs on a leash at all times, but with your permission (and when there is a run-off area or playground area) and a good listening dog, we can take them off leash.

Our dog walking service is individually based and therefore not run with other dogs. We also avoid busy dog-walking places, all of this is to offer your dog(s) a relaxing, nice walk.


Cat (pet) sitting service

When you go on holiday you naturally want to leave your pet(s) well cared for. But what do you choose, a kennel or a personal pet sitter?

Some cats like a kennel where they can play with other cats. However, especially during the holidays, it can be very busy and massive which can make your cat(s) uncomfortable. Many cats are very attached to their fixed routines and the safe places in the house. Others like to roam around outside. These are all kind of points that need to be taken into account if you have doubts between a kennel or pet sitter.


How do I work?

First we make a (free) introduction meeting appointment where Merel van der Mullen comes to your home to meet your pet (s). I will meet you and your pet(s) and we walk through all the necessary items to care for your pet(s). Depending on your wishes, I come to your house once or twice a day to care for cat(s). There is a minimum of once a day. This minimum is there to keep a close eye on your pet(s).


My cat (s) have diabetes or use medication

This is no problem at all! As you can read about me, I am a graduated vet technician. Together we can agree on a time when, for example, the insulin or other medication must be given. As a technician I recognize quickly when an animal is not feeling well, I will respond adequately by giving the animal what it needs (for example, go to the (own) veterinarian).



In addition to taking care of your pet(s), I will also keep track of your post mail every day and, if desired, water the plants in the house. Depending on how long the pet sitting period lasts, I will vacuum as well so you come home to a clean house.


Dog day care service

Are you going away for a whole day and is your dog not allowed to come with you? Then we can come twice during the desired day to look after your dog and give it two nice walks.

(See more information about how we work at “Dog walking service”.




Dog walking service

The rates apply for a walk with a maximum of 2 (of your own) dogs. If you have more dogs, €3.50 per dog is added per walk (maximum of 3 dogs per walk).


Single walk

  • Walk of max. 30 minutes: € 7.50
  • Walk of max. 60 minutes: € 10



  • 10 walk of max. 30 minutes: € 72.50
  • 10 walk of max. 60 minutes: € 95


Cat (pet) sitting service

My rates are calculated per visit, not per cat.

  • Once a day outside of cat(s)*: € 7 per day
  • Once a day: € 11 per day
  • Twice a day: € 19 per day

* The difference in the rate of a cat kept indoors and outdoors: the rate for the cat kept outside only applies if the cat lives outside the house and only the food and water needs to be refreshed (if the cat shows itself, of course, petting and cuddling times are given).

There is a maximum of 4 cats. Do you have more cats? Then € 5 per cat per day is added.


Dog day care service

The rates apply for a walk with a maximum of 2 (of your own) dogs. If you have more dogs, €3.50 per dog is added per walk (maximum of 3 dogs per walk).

  • Twice a day: 2x 30 minutes: € 19 per day
  • Twice a day: 2x 60 minutes: € 28 per day


Extra information

Travel and parking costs

The travel costs amount to € 0.20 per km calculated from 6218 HN, Maastricht. If you live in a paid parking area, these costs will be added.


Holidays 2019

A surcharge of € 7.50 per day applies on the following days: New Year’s Day (January 1); Good Friday (April 19); Easter (April 21 and 22); King’s Day (April 27); Liberation Day (5 May); Ascension Day (May 30); Pentecost (June 9 and 10); Christmas (25 and 26 December), Old Year’s Day (31 December).


Terms and Conditions are applicable to all services.